Two new members join the distinguished community of UC San Diego CSE faculty.

Imani Munyaka
Ph.D.: University of Florida


Imani Munyaka’s research concerns the usability of information security and privacy features on mobile phones and other computing devices. Her work focuses specifically on inclusivity, especially for traditionally underserved populations. She employs a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to achieve the required depth of understanding. For example, Professor Munyaka has repeatedly shown that the user interface designs and technical implementations of critical mobile applications don’t enable underserved populations to take informed actions.  She has also shown that, by including these communities in the design process, better designs are possible at low cost.

Mai ElSherief
Teaching Professor, Ph.D.: UC Santa Barbara


Mai ElSherief’s area of scholarship is Social Computing, an area of study that examines the societal implications of online human behavior that have been enabled by social networking. In particular, she develops computational methods, including Natural Language Processing, to study online social movements and identify and mitigate problematic online behavior. In addition, ElSherief is an experienced and skilled educator who has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the educational mission. She has shown tremendous leadership in UC Santa Barbara’s Early Research Scholarship Program (ERSP), a year-long research program for sophomores in computing.


I am pleased to welcome these new faculty members who will join the ranks of acclaimed CSE faculty dedicated to impactful research, serving our students and improving society. They will also help further our important mission to foster a diverse and inclusive community.”

- Sorin Lerner, CSE Department Chair

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