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Cse students ride their own wave to success

Studying Climate Change While Surfing: 
CSE Student Jasmine Simmons

After buying her own surfboard off Craigslist, Jasmine Simmons (B.S. ’19, Masters ’20) taught herself to surf. She has since parlayed that pastime into a research venue. While catching waves, Simmons and other CSE students work on the Smartfin project, which uses sensors embedded in surf fins to analyze near-coastal ocean regions. Smartfin is a collaboration between the Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) at UC San Diego and the Surfrider Foundation.

See Simmons talk about her epic experience in this UCTV video.

The video has been honored by the Telly Awards with a bronze in General Science and Technology.

Giving Surgeons Guidance with Computer Vision

At the 2020 CSE Winter Research Open House  Michael Barrow (Ph.D. ’20) took the prize for the best industry poster: Data Driven Tissue Models for Surgical Image Guidance.

Barrow has a background in computer vision, which seeks to process digital images more like the brain, and has been working on technologies to help surgeons navigate inside the body. CSE Professor Ryan Kastner was intrigued by the project and invited Barrow to join his research group. Read more

Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering

Weiyang Wang (B.S. ’20) is obsessed with solving complex problems, which is why he decided to double major in computer science and physics at UC San Diego. He spent most of his undergraduate career conducting circuit-switching research under Professor Alex Snoeren, an experience that helped him discover his interests in research and computer networking. At the same time, Wang was a tutor for several computer science classes. In the fall, Wang will enroll at MIT for his PhD in computer science, with hopes of becoming a professor.

In June, Wang was honored with the Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering award from the Jacobs School of Engineering, one of six undergraduate students to be recognized for excellence, leadership and contributions by the school. Read more

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