Six new members join the distinguished community of UC San Diego CSE faculty.

Raj Ammanabrolu
PhD from Georgia Tech 

Expertise: Machine Learning

Ammanabrolu works to create trustworthy and responsible language-based AI agents that can align to human preferences after getting feedback, and can use neurosymbolic world models to guide their actions in grounded environments. He aims to imbue these agents with the ability to understand and generate contextually relevant natural language.

Yufei Ding
PhD from North Carolina State University

Expertise: Quantum Computing

Ding specializes in programming systems, influencing realms from machine learning to quantum computing. As a leader in intelligent programming, her work delves deeply into domain-specific language innovations, GPU-optimized library development, and cutting-edge compiler and architecture designs.

Deepak Kumar
PhD from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Expertise: Online Saftey

Kumar’s research takes an empirical approach to studying the security and digital safety threats that emerge when people interact with sociotechnical systems at scale. Using large-scale, data-driven measurements and human-centered studies, he tries to understand how threats ranging from phishing to online abuse are operationalized in practice and how people experience them.

Qipeng Liu
PhD from Princeton University

Expertise: Quantum Computing

Liu focuses on quantum computing, quantum information and cryptography in a quantum world. His research includes analyzing and understanding how safe existing cryptographic systems will be once quantum computing becomes widely available. He also works to build cryptography powered by quantum computing and information.

Lianhui Qin
PhD from University of Washington

Expertise: Machine Learning, Language Models

Qin’s research seeks to draw connections between reasoning and language generation. Her interests lie in natural language processing and machine learning, especially commonsense reasoning in text and conversation generation.


Trevor Bonjour and Loris D’Antoni

Trevor Bonjour and Loris D’Antoni will be joining the CSE Community in summer 2024. More information will be shared about them in the next CSE Annual Report.

I am pleased to welcome these new faculty members who will join the ranks of acclaimed CSE faculty dedicated to impactful research, serving our students and improving society. They will also help further our important mission to foster a diverse and inclusive community.”

- Sorin Lerner, CSE Department Chair

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