Five new members join the distinguished community of UC San Diego CSE faculty.

Barna Saha
PhD from University of Maryland, College Park

Expertise: Theoretical Computer Science

Saha is an algorithm and data management expert who works to determine the fastest possible algorithms for important optimization problems. Her research interests include theoretical computer science, algorithm design and analysis, optimization, probabilistic method and large-scale data analytics.

Michael Coblenz
PhD from Carnegie Mellon University

Expertise: Software Engineering

Coblenz studies how to design programming languages to improve developers’ productivity. He developed PLIERS (Programming Language Iterative Evaluation and Refinement System), which is a method of integrating user centered design into the process of designing programming languages.

Earlence Fernandes
PhD from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Expertise: System Security

Fernandes’ goal is to enable society to gain the benefits of emerging technologies without the security and privacy risks. He builds secure systems for emerging technologies. He is currently interested in Internet-scale end-user automation, cyber-physical systems, machine learning and mixed reality.

Daniel Grier
PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Expertise: Quantum Computing

Grier’s research is in quantum complexity theory. He is particularly interested in near-term quantum computing paradigms and proving that they exhibit an advantage over their classical counterparts.

Amy Ousterhout
PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Expertise: Computer Systems

Ousterhout is primarily interested in operating systems and networks in data centers. Her recent research focuses on improving the efficiency of datacenter applications. She designs software systems that improve the resource efficiency and usability of applications in data centers, without degrading application performance.


I am pleased to welcome these new faculty members who will join the ranks of acclaimed CSE faculty dedicated to impactful research, serving our students and improving society. They will also help further our important mission to foster a diverse and inclusive community.”

- Sorin Lerner, CSE Department Chair

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