We ARE CSE at UC San Diego

We Are: A thriving, supportive and world-class community

The UC San Diego CSE department’s rich diversity of research and perspectives has made it a thriving, supportive and world-class academic community. Meet one of our students, Angelique Taylor (Ph.D. ’21), and learn about her important work in human-robot interaction.

Taylor works in the Healthcare Robotics Lab with Professor Laurel Riek, designing algorithms that help robots interact with groups of people in real-world environments.

Among her many honors, Taylor received a 2019 Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant for her efforts to develop robots that work more effectively with people.

We Are: A diverse and inclusive community

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are key tenets of the UC San Diego CSE community. Watch why students, faculty, staff and leaders from across campus decided to Sit in the Red Chair during the inaugural Celebration of Diversity Day.

CSE’s dedication to diversity and inclusion helps us reach a broad group of students, work in diverse teams and better train students to be leaders. The CSE and UC San Diego community came in droves to the spring 2019 Celebration of Diversity, which was organized by the department’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee. They came to learn about and embrace the contributions made by all the different people in our community. They also came to sit in the Red Chair, a practice initiated by the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT).

We Are: internationally acclaimed scholars, researchers and educators

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Turing Memorial Scholarship Supporting LGBTQ+ CS Undergrads Reaches Milestone

The Alan Turing Memorial Scholarship was established in 2015 to encourage a more diverse and inclusive community of engineers and to honor the memory of Alan Turing, the mathematician and cryptanalyst who helped invent computer science.

The scholarship benefits UC San Diego undergraduate students who actively support the LGBT community and major in computer science, computer engineering, public policy, communications and other programs touching on networked systems.

In February 2020, the Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) made a generous gift in memory of Brian Kantor, WB6YT, a UC San Diego alumnus, long-time university employee and ARDC founder. The gift helped fully endow the scholarship fund at $250,000.

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copyright 2020 – Computer Science & Engineering – University of California San Diego